Ayioi Anargiroi Chapel

The Island of Cyprus.  Probably the best place on Earth.  

An inspiration to all of us who love the island on which we live.

If there would be one word to describe the feel of our lovely island it would be “culture.” Cyprus is so very rich in history and deeply rooted in legend. The one word just did not cover it – maybe we should add “majesty.” Beauty is everywhere the eye can see on our most special island and when there is a breathtaking view at so many locations that word would surely provide a better choice.

Then again “romance” might be the best option. The truth is other than “paradise” one word falls short of our Cyprus – being completely honest I would call it “paradise plus.”

When it comes to romance, the entire island is literally covered with it. Aphrodite herself was born here and if anyone can come up with a better spokesperson for love feel free to share. One of the many romantic gems is at Ayii Anargyri a very popular chapel at Cape Greco. You know it is a romantic place when it is an extremely popular location where people get married.

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Sailing Through Life Together:

During the Summer the yachts can be seen in Konnos Bay which is the area off to the right in the aerial view. Places where people flock to get married always share one thing in common – a spectacular view. Nothing is as romantic as standing up with the one you love and choose to spend the rest of your life with in a setting that feeds the senses with a bountiful feast that will be remembered for all of eternity.

Between A Rock and A Hard Place:

The Ayii Anargyri Nature Trail can be seen as it connects Konnos Bay with the chapel. I can imagine that many would choose to take that first walk as husband and wife on that nature trail or maybe they might choose to travel to the sea caves along the rocky coastline in the left of the view. I think it would take a very adventurous couple to try and brave those choppy waters with all of the dangerous rocks in that area. Let us not encourage anyone to do that unless they are experts in that sort of thing. Having a memorable wedding may include injuries sustained which required medical treatment, but I’m going to use the word “optional” and allow couples to establish their own unique levels of courage.

The “Circle” of Cyprus and the rest of the world:

In our section of paradise plus also known as Cyprus, there is a certain “circle” that continues to guide us on what many call their “path,” and others refer to as their lives. We are born into spectacular surroundings, and as we grow, we learn many of the secrets to what has made our island the most special – these stories and legends are passed down to us from the previous generation exactly like it was told to them by their ancestors. We learn, we thrive, we explore, we invite others to share in our experience.

Eventually, we find love and that special someone with whom we hope to share the remainder of our journey. We bring forth a new generation of life to the island, and we share our passion for our Cyprus by lovingly handing down those same stories as they were once told to us as children. Take another view of this video and if you don’t feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet to be a part of this Heaven on Earth we call Cyprus one more viewing should do it. I love my island and those who share it with me.

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