Nicosia-Famagusta Gate

The Island of Cyprus.  Probably the best place on Earth.  

An inspiration to all of us who love the island on which we live.

One of the fascinating traits of our island that we love is that each section flows freely from one into another with a seamless grace. Every uniquely beautiful portion of the land and water are not diminished by the clumsiness or lackluster scenery commonly described as the “surrounding areas” or that location “between” in most destinations of our planet.

Cyprus, of course, is nothing close to normal and it is indeed that generous portion of exceptional that proclaims to everyone in a full-throated voice why it is probably the best place on earth.

When we consider the overall layout of Cyprus it makes sense why it is practically perfect. If we can be in Nicosia and then decide to travel only a single hour or less and our options are: An outdoor day in the Troodos mountains, a beach day on some of the island’s top spots for fun in the sun, a day discovering history and learning about some of the cultural past and present then we are about as flexible as any location on earth. If we factor in some of the specialty destinations like painted churches and monasteries, snow skiing during the winter, picking and collecting mushrooms and other native fruits and berries. Excellent dining choices, exquisite spas and luxurious bed and breakfast offerings – well, it just becomes even more apparent why our island is the best.

Big Circle – Hold the Sugar
It is an outcry of pride, and equal part fact that we have such a great island – our difference on Cyprus is that beauty does not just surround us – it merely resides everywhere we happen to glance in all directions. In most ads for tourism, travelers are “surrounded by beauty,” which is an excellent way of saying there is a tiny bit of it here and there and the rest is more of a big empty circle much like the cake which does not have nearly enough frosting on top. On Cyprus, we have mounds and mounds of the sweetest toppings to go right alongside of the cake, and there is no circle at all just spectacular backdrops each step after the other in all directions.

It is not difficult to hear those unspoken words whispered directly into the soul – because although the tone is gentle in nature the visions are loud enough to shake every sentiment without wasting time selecting between only one of the senses for transmitting – Cyprus broadcasts in “all.” It is a platform reserved for just the most exceptional experiences and the best locations – it is a message felt deep in the warmth of all that is, all that was and all that will ever be. Sometimes it is an echo, a tender lullaby, or the high-powered growl of a full orchestra – each message is in perfect tune with no variations or limitations by decibels – precisely audible scenes from Cyprus delivered in a multi-sense format.

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Many who are not familiar with Cyprus are probably shaking their heads right now in disbelief of how I have described some of the magical features. For those who doubt my words – let us fly together in this drone video for a moment and see if I missed the mark. Here I stand on the Venetian walls just before sunset, that time they call “the golden hour” in a land which could quickly be referred to as a glimpse of perfection. No gaudy section surrounds a few select points of interest and charm but instead the Famagusta Gate which introduces the old history with the modern in a glorious display of equality under the rules of the universe. Both realms equally as intriguing by all that flows about without barriers.

It is precisely like being lifted out of your body and blessed with an uninhibited full-faced one on one contact with the sky and all which lies below. It is spiritual to soar above these historic walls and Famagusta gate as we dart from old to new and look down upon history, life past and present and even parking lots. Our drone weaves out the patterns of the standing walls, and we see the green areas where people go to walk their dogs and run and play. There is the spot where many great music events have taken place, the socialization for dog shows, where we trained my two Akitas, Aimi and Bakudai. The area for the football pitch right next to the line separating two parts of Nicosia set up by the Turks in 1974.

With a wealth of restaurants, bars, and traditional Cypriot taverns this section of life beneath us is like a swarm of bees with plenty of activity. On the weekends, during the weeknights, there is always something good and exciting happening in this beautiful slice of Nicosia. These are the favorite places where locals like myself take my love, Katerina for dinner and entertainment or set up a place to meet with our friends and catch up on each other’s lives. The only difference here, as opposed to other cities in the world, is that we have a much better view – the nature of our beloved island blesses us. There we are on Athinas street. We watch together as the same sun shared by all sinks behind the clouds and begins to form a brand new adventure for tomorrow.

I have been blessed with a lifetime of memories of my Cyprus which has spanned the first three decades of my life. This island will be the one to rejuvenate me during my later years. It will be my honor to share the great stories and legends with my children, my grandchildren, and as many future generations as I can meet. I will forever be here walking with my love Katerina and our dogs and drinking in the mountain air and basking in the sunlight of our near heavenly homeland. For those who continue to outpour their passion and share it together with others from the Cyprus Project, I thank you for the opportunity you have given to us all to shine together in and celebrate more of the reasons that Cyprus is probably the best place on earth.

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