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The Island of Cyprus, filled with history, mystery, and beauty, is unlike any other place in the world. This amazing island is teeming with abundant flora and fauna, waiting to be explored. The ancient cities and rich traditions take you back to days of old. The amazing beaches welcome visitors from around the world. Come alongside me as we explore everything the island offers.

Video Stories

Take a stroll through history and experience the Island of Cyprus through the eyes of a local. Learn about the traditions passed down from generation to generation, explore the ancient ruins, and feel the soft sand between your toes as you enjoy the blue waters surrounding the Island of Cyprus. I will take you off the beaten path as you explore my photographs and video content.

Probably the Best Place on Earth!

Sandy Beaches

The soft sandy beaches beckon you to stroll along the shoreline and find the perfect spot to sit down, enjoy the sun while the cares of the world to gently melt away.

Crystal Clear Waters

The gentle blue waves lapping at your toes invite you to explore the marine life teeming beneath the surface. Refresh your body and soul in the crystal clear waters.

Abundant History

The Island of Cyprus, a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea is waiting for exploration. Spot prehistoric ruins, rich history and ancient civilizations throughout the land.

Magical Sunsets

As the sun dips below the horizon, the sky comes afire with shades of purple, red, orange and yellow, creating an ethereal experience. Experience the magic of Cyprus!

Eternal Mountains

They stand proudly unchallenged by the centuries adorned with unique mystique and spectacular beauty.  This region is only one small slice of my Cyprus that I love.

Awesome Nature

The diverse landscape dotted with snowcapped rocky mountains, picturesque parks, towering trees, beautiful flowers and clear waters creates a sense of wonder and awe.

Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

aris pipis


My family has called the Island of Cyprus home for generations. I enjoyed my time abroad and learned many things about the world in which we live. When I returned to Cyprus for a visit, the memories of my childhood flooded back and allowed me to rediscover my passion for the people of Cyprus and the lifestyle the island offers. I knew immediately that Cyprus was my forever home.  

The Island of Cyprus Project is my passion and mission in life. I want to help others discover how this magical land can soothe their soul. Join me as we explore why Cyprus is probably The Best Place on Earth.

Aris Pipis
The Island of Cyprus Founder Aris Pipis

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