The Island of Cyprus


The Island of Cyprus

Living Story

The stories you’re about to read are my attempt to capture the beauty of the island of Cyprus in a different and unique perspective. They began as rough drafts and an expression of my stream of consciousness as I explored and enjoyed the island of Cyprus.

Over time, I added videos and pictures relating my experience of Cyprus to those stories. From Troodos mountains to the Konnos Bay, I tried to capture as much of that timeless beauty all travelers hold dear in their hearts and minds. Still, something was missing and often found I couldn’t quite finish my stories the way I intended.

I pondered on how to give a fitting end to my Cyprus exploration stories to share them with people around me who shared my passion for exploration. Then, I realized there’s a charm to every story, even an unfinished one. The characters and the setting are what makes each story unique and worth experiencing. Visiting the island of Cyprus is a living story, one that every visitor can finish on his or her own.

I hope you enjoy reading the living story of Cyprus as much as I did while creating it.

To those who were around, thank you for sharing my passion and supporting me with your energy and enthusiasm. Maybe one day we will complete what we have started.

The Island of Cyprus


There is a magic about the island of Cyprus that seems to touch everyone who visits. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, this gem has been home to civilizations for centuries. Each corner of the island tells its own story, and today we invite you to explore a few of them. These tales come from all around Cyprus – from the bustling city streets to quiet villages nestled in the hillsides. We hope they will transport you to this beautiful place, and that you will enjoy getting lost in its many stories!

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