The Island of Cyprus

Probably The Best Place On Earth

Probably The Best Place On Earth

The Island of Cyprus Project

Welcome to the Island of Cyprus Project – it will be completely different than anyone could have previously expected and far better than originally thought to be possible. Many of you will find it pleasantly unfamiliar and delightfully unusual. It will be an ongoing escape from the realities of the everyday grind for all of us who dwell in that place with the long work week and a seemingly endless list of responsibilities.

For us who have ever wondered where that imagination we once had as a child has gone, this is our chance to find it. Together we can establish a new territory with boundaries defined only by all that we may collectively conceive. Occasionally coloring outside of the lines and thinking outside of the box from time to time will not be allowed – they will be expected behavior all of the time. The site is that place that everyone always wanted to escape to, and there are no posted limits for creativity. For anything and everything best, fun, exciting, remarkable, relaxing, historical, breathtaking in and about the Island of Cyprus, this is where it can be found. 

Removing oneself from the conventional thinking in their current existence where the motive for gain is measured by the collection of property and the success of the hunt is displayed with tangible trophies for all to see is not a goal, it is a requirement. When departing from the sophistication and fast-moving pace at which the world is spinning my “project,” is more of a ticket to a vacation destination for the mind than any formally labeled concept. Those comfortable with the surly bonds of Earth will never actually recognize the heights of a flight driven by passion and dedication to preserving a history rich with splendor. To share that place most beautiful on nature’s canvas and to introduce the world to some of the greatest people on the planet is a privilege and must never be taken lightly. Cyprus is my heart, and all which it stands for are sacred to me, and I thank you for the honor of joining me with photos, videos, interesting articles, and discussions as we explore the Island of Cyprus – probably the best place on Earth.

Your Humble Guide

Before our journey begins with the mission to uncover the many treasures familiar to the Island which I love, please allow me to introduce myself. My friends call me Omorfos, which is literally defined as “handsome,” but it is not because of the way I look. Everyone says I am fun and easy to be around and that is my nickname so why argue the matter? I am one who realizes that the next significant advancement in technology comes from the ability for us to look backward in time with the same drive which helps us leap forward through innovation. It is my opinion that rediscovering the best which has always been inside us through life’s little simplicities are equal in that balance which keeps us one with ourselves, our surroundings, our families, and friends.

By now you might have guessed that I am a little bit fond of Cyprus – laughter is not only acceptable on this journey it is welcomed and expected. Learning to laugh at myself may have been one of the healthiest things that could have ever happened – I figured I might as well start since everyone else seemed to be already laughing at me. Spreading joy seems to be equally as easy as spreading sorrow, and my philosophy is based on that fact. Watching someone’s eyes light up when they catch a glimpse through a picture or video of the land that means so much to me is more rewarding than words could ever describe.

When people say they are born in a particular place it is most of the time a matter of geography, for me, Cyprus has always been much more. It is both my home and a major part of who I am. I studied and worked abroad in Sweden and Italy and have seen many beautiful places in the world and met some wonderful people, but none compare to my island. Cyprus is not only where I wish to be it is where I belong – it represents more than any physical or mental attribute – it is part of my spirit. When I am riding my horses across the land and time evaporates before my eyes, and I see only the beauty that has stood and will continue to stand for many centuries it stirs my soul. It is not that I simply wish to share that feeling, I feel it is my obligation to hand over just a fraction of that blessing to others. Cyprus has given me much joy, and it would be wrong for me to keep it to myself. Thank you, again for the opportunity to share it with you.

The Itinerary

Welcoming all into an unusual realm where loyalty, honor, and the obligation to share life’s joys both big and small are more than a slogan – it is my highest purpose. If we all work together and spread the most precious information about our island to others, they will let their curiosity guide them to our shores. One visit will never be enough. For those brave enough to step forward into the uncharted territory of the human heart where conviction bound from love for one’s homeland reigns high above commercialism and smiles and inspiration are the best-recognized currency, take my hand. 

The Island of Cyprus Project will share the history of the island, explained with only the highest commitment to preserving the proud heritage and excellence of the island, itself. Discussions of the best places to visit, photos from some of the most remarkable and spectacular places on the planet, combined with videos and articles will present a unique perspective of why it is the greatest place to visit. All of the great clouds of inspiration and imagination will gather together to form one perfect storm that will shower down all of the many blessings that the island has to offer.

Our project will inform, entice, and instill all that is best of Cyprus but most importantly it will serve as an inspiration to all of us who love the island on which we live. It is a site for all who believe that sharing with others is more than just a polite thing to do. Knowledge and beauty are meant to be shared, and anything short of passing them lovingly from one hand to another, one mind to another, and one heart to another is a waste of life’s most precious resource – the culture and the quality of our people. Let us not waste a single second until that motto – “The Island of Cyprus. Probably the best place on Earth” can officially and ceremoniously have the word “probably” removed with complete consensus.

Ancient Cyprus Map

Cyprus – Etymology

The name Cyprus is quite interesting when you look into its etymology. The word is derived from the Greek word Kypros, which means copper. This makes sense, since Cyprus is a country that is rich in copper resources. In ancient times, Cyprus was known as the Land of Copper because of its abundance of this valuable resource. Over time, the name Cyprus has evolved to mean much more than just copper. It now represents the beautiful island nation that is located in the Mediterranean Sea!

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Ancient Cyprus Mosaic

Prehistoric and Ancient Cyprus

There are few places in the world as steeped in history as Cyprus. This small island has seen more than its fair share of conflict and turmoil, but it has also been home to some of the earliest civilizations in the world. Prehistoric Cyprus is a fascinating place, where you can still see the traces of ancient cultures that have long since disappeared.

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Vibrant Byzantine frescoes adorning the walls of Panayia Asinou Church, a testament to Cyprus's Byzantine heritage.

The Middle Ages

If you were to ask someone what they know about Cyprus in the Middle Ages, they would probably be stumped. This period of time is shrouded in mystery, and a particularly interesting time for Cyprus, as it changed hands many times between various empires.

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Aerial view showcasing the serene Hala Sultan Tekke beside the Salt Lake in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Cyprus Under The Ottoman Empire

For centuries, the island has been caught in the crossfire of competing empires and powers. In this blog post, we will take a look at the history of Cyprus under Ottoman rule. For much of its time under Ottoman rule, Cyprus was a place of struggle and survival.

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An image capturing the Law Courts in Nicosia, Cyprus, a legacy of the Cyprus British rule, set against a backdrop of mature palm trees and an overcast sky.

Cyprus Under the British Empire

Uncover the mixed legacy of British rule in Cyprus, detailing both the advancements and hardships that shaped the island’s trajectory. Learn how British influences continue to impact Cyprus’s cultural and political landscape today.

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Aerial image of the ancient Venetian Walls encircling Nicosia, a historic centerpiece in Cyprus

Rediscovering Nicosia: My Life Among Its Evolving Streets

Returning to Nicosia was more than a homecoming; it was a rediscovery of self amid the city’s familiar landscapes. As I stood on the threshold of major life decisions, the serene beaches and tight-knit circles of friends and family beckoned me with a promise of belonging. Accepting a position at IBM didn’t just mean securing a job—it marked the beginning of answering my soul’s deepest questions and reaffirming my ties to this vibrant city that grows with me. Every step back on this island was a step toward the future I was meant to embrace.

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Aerial view of a man driving a convertible sports car on a narrow, winding road through the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus, with shadows of trees stretching across the road.

Adrenaline Rush – My High Speed Adventures Through the Troodos Mountains

Every twist and turn on the mountain roads of Troodos brings a new thrill, each drive a testament to the wild beauty of Cyprus and my love for speed. From the ‘speed of light’ routes to ‘oh my God!’ descents, join me as I share the pulse-pounding tales of my high-speed escapades, where the roar of the engine and the rush of the wind become a symphony.

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A man enters his silver Audi TT on a winding mountain road in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus, on a chilly day, with a background of rocky terrain and sparse vegetation.

The Thrill of the Drive – Exploring Troodos Mountains’ Varied Routes

Dive into the exhilarating routes of the Troodos Mountains, where each turn and ascent promises a new adventure. From the ‘speed of light’ paths to breathtaking ‘oh my God!’ views, my journey unveils the raw beauty and thrilling escapades that only these mountains can offer. Join me as I navigate through history, adrenaline, and the sheer joy of mountain driving.

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