Awesome Nature

Nature at its finest!

The nature on our Island of Cyprus is fantastic! From sandy beaches with crystal clear waters to bold rocky mountains – the diversity of the landscaping is incredible. State of the art modernly designed cities built right next to old world historical jewels of time blend together to create a perfect mixture between the now of technical magnificence and the same as it ever was historic charm which can always be expected.

Parks are plentiful where children play and families can walk together, exercise both themselves and their pets or just join each other in spending quality time with friends relatives and loved ones. The variety created by the meshing of new-world and old-world form a neatly laid out treasure chest of options – allowing for the adventure packed days and nights without too much travel time coming and going between the prime areas to visit. There is no wonder this island is probably The Best Place On Earth.

User-Friendly Location:
One of the best features about the island is that many of the top choices for places to see and things to do are located in closer proximity than practically all other prime locations for tourism. Due to the incredible Troodos mountains being less than an hour away from Nicosia the best-ofs for beaches and clear waters, snow-capped mountains and hiking trails all remain in that ultra-convenient short drive window. 

With plenty of shopping and nightlife practically next door to some of the world’s highest acclaimed historical sites it all fits together on one small but a magnificent blanket of nature. Cyprus is a landscape of pure excellence without any need for monotonous regions that tend to waste precious moments of life passing through the boredom zone. The character on our island is fascinating, and the wide variety of backdrops within such proximity to others is remarkable. 

How many places on earth can you spend the morning staring straight into the Divine with celebrated woods and paths through the spectacularly entertainment-endowed open mountain air and then catch up your tan and a cooling off evening swim? It is one thing to have some of the most fabulous places on the planet to enjoy, but it is a game-changer to have them perfectly laid out only minutes between one after the other. We are blessed to the point of being spoiled on our beloved island, but most of us are pleasantly familiar with that fact.

Inspiration According to the Official Time-Keeper:
This land has been here since the mountains started watching silently over all that stirs beneath their giant bases. Man and nature hand in hand today just like they have been for too many centuries to count upon this precious soil. Only the winds and the rains, the moon and sun are considered to be reliable to keep time on our ancient Cyprus. All other elements are not made of sturdy enough stuff to keep counting while being seduced mother earth in an embrace that humankind has never let go of since they first started battling the floods and earthquakes just to get close enough to feel her warmth. 

Sensory Overloads – the Most Joy-filled Hazzard:
For first time visitors to our island of more than plenty, there should be a disclaimer warning people of potential sensory overloads. With so many spectacular choices all coming one after the other it would make sense that all of the human senses could be overwhelmed at the same time. Limiting daily endeavors to a maximum of 2 or 3 might be required for tourists coming from practically any other place on earth because virtually all of them don’t even come close to the amount of bewilderment per kilometer.

For three decades I’ve been taking in some of the most stunning historical sites, blending them with time walking or picnicking and then catching a few rays and a dazzling sunset on my favorite beaches. Nothing beats a ride through the fields sitting on the back of my horses and living the moments just as they spent centuries ago from a saddle. Man becomes one with nature faster and easier when he is accompanied by a horse, and that where great intentions stop and breathtaking memories start. A ride in the outdoors as the breeze hits my face and soul begins to soar into the sky above – that is what it is all about. 

A peaceful stroll with my love in the park with or without the dogs is music being played deeply into my being, and it soothes all of the parts that hold us, humans, together, It is that unique dispositional glue that ends up being tested the most by the high-paced full out throttle of today’s life. A single day offers more options on our beloved island than three, four or even five at most of those also-ran locations around the globe. It would be nice to honor “participation trophies” to other tourist destinations, but they aren’t even in the same league as this heaven-like home. 

For Each – A Season:
Just when you think life couldn’t get much better with all of those jam-packed activities one right after the other – fishing, hiking, picking mushrooms and different plant life, photography, painting, filmmaking, suddenly the season changes to winter. We get a little time to catch our breath and relax in the Troodos Mountains with those fresh snow-covered hills. Nothing says rebirth louder and stronger than brand-new snow; it is like a deep cleansing of the land and all that is encompassed by it. 

Snowy mountains were made for my love, Katerina and my babies Aimu and Bakudai to roam with me. Finding comfort and peace within the trees of the mountainside forests along some of the best natural hiking paths anywhere is just a common occurrence for the blessed winter days on my island.

Take this beautiful nature and set it next to the Venetian bridges, castles and ancient Greek ruins, those above-mentioned Byzantine monasteries, bring in more natural wonders like waterfalls, rivers, dams and even mines – this is why our island is probably The Best Place On Earth. 

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