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When people talk about the fantastic beaches of Cyprus, many do not recognize that they are in fact a partnership. The ocean has the responsibility of delivering the waves, and the island’s contribution is the sand. Those waves must contain a million shades of blue and green and appear crystal clear for diving. The sands need to be almost as soft and smooth to walk upon as thick tufts of powder. Most of all the two must get along well together – they are going to be working side by side for tens of thousands of years. One of the greatest gifts bestowed upon our beloved island is that here they both work seamlessly together most of the time.

Our island is world renowned for sandy beaches and the areas of Protaras, and Ayia Napa is considered as two among the best-ofs on the planet. Sunrise Beach, Konnos Bay, Fig Tree Bay, Nissi Beach are all top tier surfaces, and Coral Bay in the Paphos region is legendary for the white, softcover. 

Beachology – Sometimes You Just Have to Dig In:
There are plenty of ways the experts rate beaches – soil vs. sand mixture, surface texture, color, accessibility and probably more than any of us can think of without Googling the correct format. Reviewing the sand is one time when I am going to step in and explain no degree of Science can accurately rate the perfect sandy beach, you just have to dig in and spend the time and see how it fits. I have spent so many hours on my favorite beaches that I’m going to pull out a word that fits well enough to put things in perspective – Beachologist. I am a Beachologist. 

To ascend to the prestigious ranks of Beachologist, it is necessary to understand all of the critical elements involved in power-beaching. Power-beaching should never be confused with power-napping however it is possible to take a power-nap using sanctioned methods of power-beaching. 

Occasionally Paradise Must be Sipped – No Drinking In:
The first significant step for anyone who knows anything at all about beaching at the highest level is to find the perfect frappe, the Greek foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, water, and sugar. If you do not have a great frappe, anything you do on that sacred stretch of heaven often called a beach would be nothing more than rolling pointlessly about in the dirt. That’s right – no frappe – no beach – it merely becomes dirt. This explains precisely why I feel dirty when there is no frappe involved. 

Sometimes people confuse my title with those activities in another expert field of study – those who are excavating and writing in the sand, those constructing castles and molding water and granules of earth into art. These individuals fall into three categories and are easy to sort out. If these persons have a frappe – they are Beach Archeologists – no frappe – they are either kids or dirt clowns, that’s just the cold facts of nature. I don’t want to overstate my opinion here, but I’m going to suggest a frappe strongly. Sunglasses, correct skin cream or block, a book or magazine, are all optional, but no Beachologist will have any jurisdiction without a frappe. 

The Importance Of Ergonomic Seating:
Businesses spend billions of dollars each year to make sure that the proper ergonomic seating is in place throughout their operating facilities. The beach is no place to cut corners on following the guidelines, and any “Beacho”(pet name for Beachologist) will tell you there is only one adequate way to achieve compliance – a towel. If you desire to fulfill the day in the correct form of beaching the towel on the sand is the only way to go. 

You can feel the earth beneath you, and there are a unique bonding and healing process which takes place. The perfect beach, a great frappe, a beautiful oversized towel – paradise found. It is acceptable to lay down on the towel but only if there is no risk of spilling the frappe. Big chairs and those cabana things with sides and even sheets across the front may work for kids, and dirt clowns but Beachos consider that pretty much blasphemy. 

Strict Agenda – Beacho Standard Op:
It is at this point where the actual Beacho handbook would come into play if there were indeed such a thing but there is not so you may want to take notes. You read your book or magazine you let your eyes wander about a bit, and when you start to get hot, you get up and take a dive in the crystal clear waters. After the brief dive, it is essential to repeat the process of the sacred 6 R’s. 1. Rest 2. Read 3. Roam 4. Rinse 5. Repeat 6. Refill – number six being, of course, the most important of them all. 

Eventually when Beachos gain more experience practices like walking along in the cool water as opposed to hopping on scorching sand will become second nature. Offering a frappe to other potential recruits has long been the only endorsed method for inducting future Beachos. Some historians have written about the age-old recruiting methods of the Beachos comparing them to that of the famed vampire – selectively choosing those to admit into the secret circle. Other than the biting, drinking of blood and never being allowed into the sunlight again the two are practically identical. 

The Difference Between Finding Paradise and Recognising It:
We are so blessed to be able to drive or even walk to some of the very beaches that people come from all around the world to visit. Having been here during my childhood, I guess I took the life of our island for granted. During my studies in Stockholm occasionally people would ask me what my nationality was. Almost every single time when I told them I was from Cyprus their reply was “what in the hell are you doing here” and a laugh. People who spend only a few days in Heaven must surely realize where they are – that’s why I decided to return home for the rest of my days to the Island of Cyprus – probably the greatest place on earth.

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