A Mythical Place for Romance

Aphrodite’s Rock

Legend has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born from the waves of the Mediterranean Sea near this very spot. For centuries, people have traveled to Aphrodite’s Rock to seek her blessings for romance and love. If you are looking for a place to sweep your loved one off their feet, look no further! This picturesque spot is sure to fill your heart with love.

A Mythical Place for Romance: Aphrodite’s Rock

After I left Limassol behind, I decided to venture over to Paphos for my final stop of the day. Petra Tou Romiou, also known as Aphrodite’s Rock is the place of her birth. I took pictures and videos as the sun began to set and the majestic beauty of the sea presented itself in full bloom as the day was slowly shifting into the night for another episode in the endless cycle of life within the waters. I managed to dive into the cool waves for an invigorating swim before the sun sank. It was a refreshing finale to a magnificent day in our Cyprus.

As I savored the swim, I wanted to share the magic of the moment and this glory of nature with you, our friends, and the audience of our cherished island of Cyprus. While we drink in the grandeur, let us nourish our minds with a little bit of history about this land of enchantment. For those few who may not have heard it before and for those who never tire of listening to it again – this is the one we will continue to share with children and grandchildren for many generations to come

The Kindest Cut of Them All

When mother earth (Gaia) requested that her son Cronus kill his father, (Uranus) he used his scythe to complete the job. As the wounded Uranus fled into the sky parts of his lower extremities began to fall into the water. From the foam of the sea arose the most beautiful maiden ever to be seen, Aphrodite. Riding on the waves, she was taken to Kythera and ultimately to Cyprus. Even though the waters are rough around the enormous rock, which marks her birthplace, it is said that all who swim there will have eternal beauty. The beach nearby is also reputed as one of the crucial landing sites during the Trojan War.

Aphrodite was worshipped and had an incredibly large following in the area of Pathos. She was recognized as the Warrior Goddess but had many different virtues which lent to her popularity. One of the main festivals to celebrate Aphrodite was always held in the middle of the Summer and labeled Aphrodesia. Officially, love beauty and procreation were her attributes, which blended well with being a warrior. It is no wonder that countless paintings and statues have been rendered in her likeness throughout the centuries and she remains the most popular goddess of all in the movies and modern music.

Iconic Aphrodite's Rock, entwined with Cyprus's history, rises majestically from the sea near Paphos.
A glimpse into Cyprus's history: the fabled Aphrodite's Rock, a coastal sentinel at Paphos.

What Better Spokesperson

Aphrodite is by far the most closely associated immortal and legend to our beloved Cyprus. Her likeness is in too many ads to count, and her influence through legend has been a part of our people’s proudest topics for as long as I can remember. It only makes sense that the most beautiful goddess should be thought of when one is touring our island. There is no shortage of breathtaking views, and each and every sunrise and sunset serve as a tribute to the gorgeous appearance of Aphrodite. She was intelligent, creative, and utterly robust in her lifestyle filled with both pleasure and celebration. Cyprus and Aphrodite just make sense together.

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