Crystal Clear Waters

A Clear, Blue Paradise

One of the most famous traits of my beloved island of Cyprus is the colors of the waters that surround us. There are too many blues and greens to count looking out across the waves yet the seas, while standing inside them or diving down into their warmth, are practically as transparent as glass. Some of my dearest memories of childhood come from these waters. Once you transcend into fresh waters they are so open it makes you want to stay in them forever – the bond lasts a lifetime and the sentiment lodges deep into your soul and knows no bounds. Many tourists travel from around the world to enjoy the beaches, and these waters are famous not only for their beauty but also for the history behind local stories and legends. Beaches are just one of many reasons why the island of Cyprus is probably the greatest place on earth. Drilling down to the next detail I believe it is the extreme clarity of the waters that makes even a larger impact on those visiting. 

From Water Springs Forth Life:
Sunrise Beach is my favorite, and since childhood, I have too many fond memories in those familiar waters to even begin to count. Time passes by where the waves meet the island in my memory, and to this very day, it is not unusual for me to drive an hour to capture a few precious dives into these most sacred of waters. Konnos Bay holds the memories of my youth when I would leave a club around 5:30 in the morning to bask in the rejuvenation and majesty of a morning yet to be born. It is again Konnos Bay who whispers to me of midnight swims with only the soft glow of full moon overhead. Romance thrives in the moonlight as it dances gracefully across the top of the silent sea – each performance is like a custom ballet for lovers on our island.

Fig Tree Bay is almost next to Sunrise Beach, and I remember swimming back and forth to the little island near there plenty of times. I seldom have time for this one anymore because Sunrise is still my favorite. There are rating systems for beaches and experts who categorize them by multiple different methods, but I am convinced that each beach is different to all individuals. Many of the friends I have had over the years would have their favorite beach, precisely as I have formulated mine over the years. I think the attachment we have for a particular beach may have much less to do with the scientifically calculated quality of the waters and sand and is more heavily weighted by the experiences and memories which have been born there. Regardless of the score our most special waters of preference still spring forth with life as well as an abundance of priceless recollections. These waters will be carried with me preserved in the detail of all our human senses and stored in a water-proof location of my mind. 

The Rockstars of Salt and Sand:
Nissi Beach, at Ayia Napa, is a 500 meter Blue Flag masterpiece known for fantastic parties. It is one of the most famous beaches on the island. It is best to go in early or late Summer if you plan on avoiding peak crowds. Another power player of pristine waters is the Blue Lagoon Beach at Akama Peninsula near Paphos. The Blue Lagoon is your classic quiet and out of the way type – it takes either a four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle to reach it or a boat that transports over cars. It was an incredible experience for me, personally at the Blue Lagoon. 

Paphos beaches, in my opinion, have always been splendid options as far back as I can remember and there is quite a great deal of history surrounding the waters. If you consider the birthplace factor of Aphrodite into the equation, the beaches of Paphos or Nissi beach might be more like the Rolling Stones or U2 in stature and fame. I have not been to some of the Paphos beaches, but many of our members of The Cyprus Project have and, please continue to share with me all of your favorites as we expand our reviews.

Planting a Flag of a Different Color:
In beach ratings, there is a unique distinction known as Blue Flag. It is an honor bestowed upon the beaches with the most exceptional water quality, who provide stellar environmental education, information, management safety, and services. Personally, I have never been able to verify the fact that a particular beach realizes it has been awarded this prestigious honor because in my experiences beaches themselves are not very vocal or wrapped up in self-promotion. There is, however, plenty of noise made from the number of Blue Flag strips of beach in our most beloved island of Cyprus and for those keeping score in that arena our island seems to be doing well. 

In 2014 Cyprus had 57 Blue Flag beaches, and that number has grown to a whopping 64,(including one marina) as of June 2017. Aiya Napa counted 14 flags, Limassol brought in 10, including the marina and Paphos boasted of 6 to complete the three top winners in the prestigious category recognized throughout the world. Cyprus has plenty of spectacular beaches, and some of them may feel they did not get a fair shake in the rating system but as I mentioned previously not a single one has spoken out to me to complain. 

Although some of these celebrities of salt and sand may have achieved the top in their respective category, they seem to have been able to remain well grounded. I can love and appreciate many of the beaches of the island that did not quite reach up to that “Blue” level, and my personal favorites as previously mentioned are still just as “blue” they are merely not recognized with the flag at this point. We are blessed with majestical waters so clear they astonish those who see them for the first time – maybe that’s another reason the Island of Cyprus is probably the best place on earth. 

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