Live in Paradise

Sunset Swimming

Picture this: you're swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, the sun is setting in the sky and painting the world in beautiful shades of orange and red. The water is cool and refreshing, and you feel your muscles relaxing as you float on your back. You take a deep breath and close your eyes, letting all of your worries drift away. This can be your reality if you move to Cyprus!

Live in Paradise: Sunset Swimming

If one were to objectively complete a list of what it would be like to live in paradise on earth many of the topics covered would involve the proximity of beaches to where they live, the availability and variety of activities nearby, and the overall feeling of satisfaction with their surroundings. In other words, our beloved island of Cyprus would score extremely high on practically any version of Paradise-related testing. The main reason is that the island is probably the best place on earth and we can readily agree with that statement. However, even without our favoritism, there are plenty of legitimate traits that Cyprus possesses that slant the island heavily in the direction of paradise found.

For Example The After Work Swim on the Beach

People in most parts of the planet are lucky if their entire country has a decent beach or two. There are enough citizens of the world who would be happy to even have a distant view of the ocean without traveling for several hours or a few days from their home to fulfill the wish to become one for a few hours with those great saltwater bodies. So when I explain to you that one of my favorite activities is to take a swim after work I am not trying to be obnoxious about how truly spoiled we are by our homeland but it remains a verified fact – living in paradise is pretty much as far as it gets from roughing it. It is a tough job sorting blessing after blessing out trying to decide which one deserves to be ranked higher than the other – let us call them all magnificent and be done with the rating so I can tell you how extraordinary this one has become. 

The best part of the entire puzzle is that the beaches are very crowded on the weekends and rather than be inconvenienced by looking for a parking place we decide to catch a sunset swim in the Protaras area right after we are finished with our jobs during the weekdays. In other words, late evening beach days are more of an answer in practical planning. To some, it may sound like a decadent adventure to involve the beach in one’s regular after-work regimen. In our case it only makes sense based on the facts – one has to do what they can to utilize time most effectively, and when sand and sea happen to stumble into that problem-solving arena, it would be a sin to ignore them. 

The number one spot is Konnos Bay – it is a unique location with a distinct personality as far as beach disposition is concerned. When i go in early Summer, there is not nearly as much of a crowd as is there is during the later part of tourist time, and that way I minimize the hassle and maximize the enjoyment. At around 18:30 there are still quite a few people on the beach but nothing close to peak time or weekends.

Sailing into the Sunset at Protaras
Sailing into the sunset is a romantic notion that has been captured in art and literature for centuries. There is something about the tranquility of watching the sun dip below the horizon while sailing on the open sea that is truly mesmerizing. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, consider embarking on a sunset sail at Protaras. Here, you can enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean while experiencing the peace and serenity that comes with sailing under the stars.

One Shade, the More, One Ray the Less

As I go down the cliff through a curvy road full of pine trees there emerges a very well-organized beach complete with a bar/restaurant, changing rooms, umbrellas, and everything needed to create the ideal swimming and relaxing setting. There is no more fabulous way to unwind after a long day at work than to spend the evening hours as the sun starts to fade from the sky – unless you happen to be spending it with the only vision that reigns high above those of nature. 

Cleansing More than the Soul

Konnos is the very same bay where I used to swim early in the mornings after staying out late – the waters seem to purify the system and wash away any clouds from the mind. Maybe the waters happen to be brisk enough to startle the body into turning that alcohol content into a somewhat more focused state and serving as a light switch to cease a day that generally might involve a higher than usual amount of sleep. The classical side of me likes to think that the ocean is teeming with energy and life and when we call out for a little boost of energy the waters respond to us and gently caress our bodies, minds, and spirits. It sounds much more poetic to be replenished by the majesty of the ocean than to put your head under a cold shower to get motivated. Our Cyprus is that of legend, and I’m thinking that Aphrodite would have chosen the waves of life over the showerhead before heading out into another day of immortal stuff. 

It doesn’t matter what time it is or what else is going on around you unless you happen to be in the company of a goddess-like Aphrodite these waters will completely absorb your stress and you will find comfort in their embrace. It is hard to imagine how much time I have spent in these waters of my favorite bay over the last three decades but there is one answer that everyone would share with me and agree to be correct – “not enough!” For those who love beaches and have never been to Cyprus – I welcome you. Our beaches are beyond incredible, and we have so many that have personalities much different than those only a few kilometers away.

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