Eternal Mountains

A Timeless Wonder

They have been standing there silently through the centuries with the weight of the world upon their shoulders, and the Troodos Mountains will continue to do so long after our children’s grandchildren have come and gone. Watching eternally, without judgment as civilizations have come and gone, they have witnessed humanity at both its best and worst moments. Worshipping, building, conquering, fleeing, burning in times of harmony or despair these great giants have been far more constant than any star – they have seen it all. These are the rocks of ages playing out every single hand man and nature has dealt them. History books are filled with events that surrounded them for thousands of years, yet they know of secrets that will never be discovered or published by humankind. The Island of Cyprus has one other additional mountain range, the Pentadaktylos mountains, but I am very much attached to those of Troodos.

These benevolent and wise elder giants serve a higher purpose than many might think. For tens of thousands of species of plants and animals, they offer shelter and a place in which they can live and grow and be free to reproduce. When it comes to humankind, they provide refuge as well to get away from all of the hustle and bustle below and find a small slice of the world as it was when time marched more slowly by before the innovation which set forth a speed of light technological super highway. These mountains are a destination where many travel to find themselves – they are a rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit. For me, they have been like a part of my family for as long as I can remember. I was very blessed to have our family summer home in these great steeps, and they fill more space in my most treasured memories than I can dare to count. These mountains will forever be filled with the hopes and dreams and wins and losses of humanity, and those echoes from the past combined with whispers for the future will carry forward for generations to come. 

Relax – A Place Where Taking Your Time is Expected:
The mountains have many resorts and spas where locals and tourists go to relax and escape from their incarceration at the hands of their usual boring routines in life. With numerous restaurants and dining options from casual to formal the Troodos Mountains have a variety of quality places to savor that perfect meal. Excellent choices for shopping can be found in small stores stocked with crafts and items unique to the area for tourists as well as more practical wares for those who live in the nearby communities. It is the friendliness of the shop owners and restaurant owners and the charm of staying at a locally owned bed and breakfasts that keeps the people coming back to visit year after year. It seems that over the most recent years more people are constructing more luxurious accommodations. Elegance appears to be the consistent theme between the newest spas, most trendy restaurants, upscale lodging and dinner clubs. 

For the outdoor lover, there is plenty of representation when it comes to their interests. Fishing and hiking, collecting mushrooms and kapari and many varieties of fresh vegetables along with apples, pears, and many berries are just a sample of the activities of the day in the fresh air made crisp by that high altitude of up to 1,952 meters. Skiing in the winter is one of the events which makes helps make the season in the mountains the busiest of the year. Bicycle and horse riding are popular since there is an abundance of nature trails throughout the region. Those who love to drive find the winding roads enjoyable and except for snow in the winter and some dense fog from time to time throughout the year getting from place to place is secure. It is the snow that drapes a beautiful fresh white blanket all over the mountains, and it feels as if each new layer is like starting over again with a clean slate and no pressures from any time past are allowed to exist – that fresh white magic powder is almost like being reborn.

We’re Off To See the Wizard:
It is a great place to walk my dogs, especially in the Winter. My Akitas love the snow, and they have established their favorite walking trails. I have been enjoying these paths for three decades, but each time I venture into them, it is just as enjoyable and relaxing as the first visit. I have many pictures of snow-covered outings with my love, Katerina, and my Akitas, Aimi and Bakudai. For years I was blessed by my beautiful Siberian Husky, Elie, who passed away two years ago – but she is still with us in spirit on every single outing. There are no limits along these paths just a wish and a smile and the unidentifiably unique ingredients in the air take over and make everything all right with the world. 

Our mountains have a tiny bit of magic that must come from the snow – it is almost identical to the process of colorizing movies. Decades ago when great films were produced in black and white, some of the biggest classic hits were redone with colors added to the scenes – sort of like an artist taking the time to paint each frame of film shot of the entire movie. The Wizard of Oz is one example of this process – the original film was shot in black and white and then colorized due to the incredible popularity. Memories are precisely like that process here – these beautiful moments are lovingly painted on top of each glorious recollection to enhance them and ensure that the maximum amount of emotional integrity is maintained. Sometimes visits to my most special spots here are so powerfully restored it is as if I am reliving the events and savoring the sentiments second by second.

These great and powerful stones in the sky are no Wizard, but they manage to give back to all of us far more than that for which we search. Instead of courage and a heart and a brain, our mountains wrap our most sentimental memories around us like loving arms, and with their warm embrace, they ignite within us a sense of well-being and restoration – that will never come from a man behind a curtain. 

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